Are you considering taking the leap to being self-employed? Have you already made the decision to start your own business? Either way, congratulations and welcome!

As someone who has been freelancing/self-employed for the last nine years, I know how overwhelming and stress it can be to get started. So many aspects of being self-employed are done solo and it can be hard to find the necessary support to survive that first year. That’s where I come in.

My Getting Started As A Freelancer e-course will provide you with all the tools you need to decide what you want your business to be about, how to launch that business, how to set yourself up for financial success, how to make self-care part of your routine, and more. The course will include five modules (and an introduction) with audio recordings and worksheets to help you start your business off on the right foot.

Modules included:

Module 1: Making the Decision to Freelance

Module 2: Getting Started As a Freelancer

Module 3: Money Management for Freelancers

Module 4: Creating a Freelancing Schedule

Module 5: Self Care for Freelancers

This will be an evergreen course. You will have immediate and lifetime access to all of the modules.

Getting Started As a Freelancer will be launching October 1, 2019 at an introductory cost of $49. I want to make this course accessible to people at all stages of this journey. There are many course options costing hundreds of dollars that offer less material than I will have available to you.

Email to get in on the ground floor of this course. The price goes up to $70 December 1.